Weather index-based risk services that create climate resilient supply chains


The numbers of a changing climate

Extreme weather events cause significant damage to global food production and disrupt supply chains


Disruptions to food and fibre supply chains caused by storms or droughts


Prices of key food crops could increase by 50% to 120% as early as 2030


The number of people at risk of hunger is projected to increase by 10% to 20% by 2040, with 65% of these people living in sub-Saharan Africa

Effective work programmes

The ARISE project is a series of effective work programmes focusing on five key areas.

These include predicting the likelihood of extreme weather events, assessing weather and agricultural risk to farmers, managing supply chain risk for farmers, banks, buyers, food manufacturers and retailers, demonstrating livelihood impacts for smallholder farmers and harmonizing the regulatory environment for insurance products and services in project countries. 

Our programmes

Choosing to make a difference

A number of universities across Europe are working together with global institutions, food and insurance companies, banks and smallholder farmers to build resilient supply chains that protect buyers, producers and banks alike from climate and weather driven risks and losses.

Latest updates & news

Erik Chavez: A New Approach to Building Climate Resilient Supply Chains

In this guest blog post, originally posted on Farming First, Erik Chavez introduces the WINnERS project, a new initiative developing weather-index based risk services based at Imperial College London.

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Visiting drought prone regions in Tanzania

In March, I travelled to Central and Northern Tanzania with the World Food Programme (WFP) team, to visit several farmer organisations that are participating in the Patient Procurement Platform (PPP). The PPP is an emanation of WFP’s...

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Resilient Supply Chains

Resilient Supply Chains: Farmers and Food Industry Tackle the Shared Challenge of Climate Change

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