Dr. Erik Chavez

Research fellow, Imperial College London

Erik's bio and track record

Erik is a research fellow at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London.  His research activity focuses in the areas of climate dynamics, risk modelling, supply chain analysis and agricultural development. He has worked for 6 years as a short-term consultant of the Agricultural Risk Management Team at the World Bank. He is the winner of the 2015 Lloyd's Science of Risk Prize in the "big data and analytics" category and is a member the Aspen Institute Food Security Strategy Group, and of the UK-US Taskforce on Extreme Weather and Global Food System. He completed his Ph.D. in climate dynamics and economics between Imperial College London and the ENS Paris (Ecole Normale Supérieure). 

Home partner

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is the lead member of the WINnERS consortium and manages the execution of the project.

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Associated work programmes

Climate change and extremes

Predicting the likelihood of extreme weather events

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Agriculture and weather risk

Translating weather risks into crop yield loss

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Contract design

Building insurance contracts and models to equitably distribute weather and climate risks across the supply chain

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Rural adpatation

Measuring the impact of the WINnERS project on the welfare of smallholder farmers

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Regulatory frameworks

Effective monitoring and compliance of insurance products

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