Kai Barron

PhD Candidate, University College London, Imperial College London

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Kai Barron is final year PhD student in Economics at University College London. His research interests span both experimental economics, where he has used laboratory experiments to study how individuals form beliefs and how these beliefs guide their behaviour, and development economics, where he was involved in the evaluating of a large scale social welfare programme that was implemented according to an RCT design by the Colombian government.

As part of the WINnERS project, he will draw on both of these research strands as his work will involve examining the role of farmers' beliefs and attitudes to risk in shaping how farmers respond to the intervention. This evaluation will exploit the exogenous variation generated by an RCT design. Furthermore, he will study how farmers arrive at their beliefs.

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Imperial College London is the lead member of the WINnERS consortium and manages the execution of the project.

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Measuring the impact of the WINnERS project on the welfare of smallholder farmers

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