Dr. Zen Makuch

Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London and Reader in Law, Imperial College London

Zen's bio and track record

Zen Makuch is recognised by key institutions in Europe as, perhaps, the leading international researcher in the specialist fields of implementation of domestic, European and international environmental law, energy and other natural resource law. Since 1989 he has conducted research and, related to this activity, litigated, drafted, implemented and supported the enforcement of environment, energy and natural resource regulations in several countries. Provision of research advisory services to Parliamentarians (including Ministers), select parliamentary committees, political parties and environment and human health, energy and natural resource management stakeholders are part of his daily working life. The drafting of environmental regulations, related institutional, implementation and compliance matters form part of his technical expertise and research experience.

Zen became the  Head of Department, Director, Centre for Environmental Policy, responsible for Imperial College London’s largest environmental and energy research and education body in 2011. The department features 73 academic and research staff, 58 postgraduate researchers and 195 master’s students.  He is also a barrister, solicitor, and specialist counsel in environmental law across a range of national jurisdictions, the European Union and at the international level. He has engaged in international practice spanning 56 nations on four continents with clients such as the European Union - DG External Affairs, DG Development, DG Research, DG Environment, DG Clima, the UK Department for International Development and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD) and Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Currently, Zen is supporting the WINnERS with legal advice for all contractual matters related to partnerships and company registration. He is also a member of Work Programme 5: Regulatory Frameworks, providing oversight for the evaluation of barriers and solutions to implementing weather-based insurance products in participating developing countries. 

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