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Let’s talk about food loss and waste

Published 8 Jun 2017

Every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted or lost. This costs the global economy USD 1 trillion annually. Addressing food waste is therefore key in the fight against climate change, against global hunger and towards achieving several SDGs.

Erik Chavez: A New Approach to Building Climate Resilient Supply Chains

Published 23 Aug 2016

In this guest blog post, originally posted on Farming First www.farmingfirst.org, Erik Chavez introduces the WINnERS project, a new initiative developing weather-index based risk services based at Imperial College London.

Visiting drought prone regions in Tanzania

Published 15 Jul 2016

By William Thompson

In March, I travelled to Central and Northern Tanzania with the World Food Programme (WFP) team, to visit several farmer organisations that are participating in the Patient Procurement Platform (PPP). The PPP is an emanation of WFP’s...

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The Patient Procurement Platform: Diagnosing Risk in Tanzania

Published 13 Jul 2016

A Grow Africa report on case studies on public-private agriculture investments involved in the Patient Procurement Platform in Tanzania.

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Resilient Supply Chains

Published 13 Jul 2016

Resilient Supply Chains: Farmers and Food Industry Tackle the Shared Challenge of Climate Change

Help us in solving the climate change challenge. Join the WINnERS project today.

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