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Model Risk Management and Optimum Securities Design: Business Finance for Global Food Security

Published in Conference, 22 Oct 2015

By Erik Chavez , Gordon Conway , Zen Makuch and Imperial College London

The pressures on the food system will increase vulnerability to shocks. Future climate projections indicate that a very serious consequence of global warming is the likelihood of the greater frequency and severity of extreme events.

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An end-to-end assessment of extreme weather impacts on food security

Published in Nature climate change, 3 Aug 2015

By Erik Chavez , Gordon Conway and Michael Ghil

Presents current understandings of the nexus between climate systems, crops and economies to determine short to medium risk estimates of crop production loss in different climate change scenarios.

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The Patient Procurement Platform: Diagnosing Risk in Tanzania

Published in Partner Resources, 13 Jul 2016

Case studies on public-private agriculture investments involved in the Patient Procurement Platform in Tanzania.