Rural adpatation

Measuring the impact of the WINnERS project on the welfare of smallholder farmers

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Rural adpatation
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WP4, led by Imperial College London with support from The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, the University of Leuven, and Princeton University, seeks to demonstrate the impact of the WINnERS project on the well-being of participating smallholder farmers.

As a core objective of the WINnERS project is to build smallholder farmer resilience to climate change and extreme weather events, this will be assessed initially through the implementation of a randomized control trial across several regions of Tanzania. The trial set to take place across 200 clusters of farmer organizations involving a pool of 50,000 farmers half of whom would comprise a control group.

Female tea picker in Rwanda

The core topics to be explored in the questionnaire include changes in household demographics and income, agricultural practices and technology adoption, perceptions of food security and risk, as well as improvements to cognition that corresponds to reduced scarcity of income and food availability. Future evaluations funded by the International Finance Corporation will assess the impacts of the project at intervals of 2, 3, and 5 years in Tanzania and future project countries.

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